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Any dealer in boats may use, or allow or cause to be used, any trailer so registered for the purpose of transporting a boat or boats, together with any necessary equipment, between a demonstration site and his established place of business. The Comptroller, upon such application, shall draw an order on the Treasurer in favor of such registrant for the amount of the refund provided for herein. The commissioner shall retain a record of each such application for a refund and of the action of the Comptroller thereon, and shall not reregister such motor vehicle. The regulations shall provide that a labor union shall be a qualifying organization. The commissioner may issue a special use registration to the owner of a motor vehicle for a period not to exceed thirty days for the sole purpose of driving such vehicle to another state in which the vehicle is to be registered and exclusively used.

The application for such registration shall conform to the provisions of subsection of this section. The commissioner may issue special use certificates and plates in such form as he may determine. The special use certificate shall state such limitation on the operation of such vehicle and shall be carried in the vehicle at all times when it is being operated on any highway. The commissioner or any city, town, borough or other taxing district authorized under subsection of section may issue a temporary registration to the owner of a motor vehicle.

The application for a temporary registration shall conform to the provisions of this section. A temporary registration may be issued for a time determined by the commissioner and may be renewed from time to time at the discretion of the commissioner. The fee for a temporary registration or any renewal thereof shall be as provided in subsection of section 14-49.

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The commissioner may refuse to register or issue a certificate of title for a motor vehicle or class of motor vehicles if he determines that the characteristics of the motor vehicle or class of motor vehicles make it unsafe for highway operation. The commissioner may adopt regulations, in accordance with the provisions of chapter 54, to implement the provisions of this subsection and the provisions of subsection of this section.

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The motorcycle instruction permit shall entitle the applicant, while said applicant is in immediate possession of said permit, to drive a motorcycle on the public highways, other than multiple lane limited access highways, for a period of sixty days. A motorcycle instruction permit may be renewed, or a new permit issued, for an additional period of sixty days. Each applicant issued a motorcycle instruction permit shall, while operating a motorcycle, wear protective headgear of a type which conforms to the minimum specifications established by regulations adopted under subsection of .dll section g. The commissioner may adopt regulations, in accordance with the provisions of chapter 54, establishing standards for commercial drivers’ schools that are licensed in accordance with the provisions of section to offer and conduct the course of instruction required by this section. A person may obtain a license for an additional class or classes if he demonstrates, pursuant to subsection of section 14-36, that he is qualified to operate motor vehicles of such class or classes. The number plate shall not be loaned to any person and shall not be used by its holder for personal purposes.

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  • Seek technical assistance.Use the Help section in 340B OPAIS to access the user guides.
  • Or you can contact the PVP for technical assistance before and during the registration period.

The registrant who holds a transporter number plate may operate, or cause to be operated by a bona fide employee, motor vehicles for the purpose of transportation or repossession of motor vehicles owned by him or temporarily in his custody. Such number plate may be used for the movement on a contract or other basis of a storage or office trailer, house trailer, modular building or similar, nonpower trailing unit having unitized construction and to which a removable axle assembly is attached.

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Alternatively, you may access your browsing history by pressing the Ctrl + H keys. Select the Favorites button, then select the History tab. After you click on typed paths you will see URL1, URL2, etc. on the right. Now your browser history is cleared each time you close Opera. Now your browser history is cleared each time you close Edge. Now your browser history is cleared each time you close Chrome.

With this, no user will be able to access blacklisted site via Chrome on your PC. This is relatively a rudimentary method, and any user with a mid-level tech know-how would easily by-pass it and clear the browser history. An added benefit to using Opera is that it doesn’t matter whether you delete the browsing history or not, at least you will feel safe knowing that its built-in tracker blocker is doing its job. The “Advanced options” option lets you extend your search to hidden or system folders.

But if you ever intend on sharing your device with anyone, clearing your web history is an obvious first step in keeping your activity private. We’ve all been to websites we’re not exactly proud of, and auto-fill is certainly not your friend in these cases. But first, we’ll explain why you should regularly clear your browsing and search history. By reading this article, you’ve officially added one more website to your browsing history. And in the likely case you got here using Google, Yahoo! , Bing, or some other search engine, then you’ve added one more item to your search history as well.

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That means the information on this page is extremely applicable, as everyone should make it a habit to clear their browsing and search histories routinely. Are you worried what someone might see if they use your computer and start snooping around? Has the clutter of your browsing history slowed your machine to a crawl? Here, we’ll show you how to clear your search and browsing history everywhere — on your computer, phone, Chrome, Firefox, and more. Or skip the hassle and clear your history automatically with our specialized tuneup tool. When you are in Quick Access, there are un-pinned folders listed under Quick Access on the left, and a list of recent files, 20 of them by default, listed on the right under frequent folders section.

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By clicking Recent Places or Quick Access you can see, in the right pane, the folders and/or files that you recently visited. You may consider this a privacy concern, though, so there are a few things you can do to alleviate this concern. CCleaner is a system cleaner that can delete the history in Internet Explorer too, as well as the history stored in other web browsers you might use.

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The next screen will confirm that your search history has successfully been deleted, and also offer you some more options for activity and history. But doing that for your whole history would take a long time. So click on Delete activity by on the menu to the left. By the way, if you’re not sure exactly what to keep vs. delete, or if you just want to spruce up your PC a bit, might we suggest a neat little tool called AVG TuneUp? Our PC cleaner will remove redundant files and other junk you no longer need in order to boost performance and speed. But when you also consider how often these services are hacked, it means you’re one data breach away from criminals knowing what you’ve been searching for. Storing your browsing history for really long periods of time can take up memory on your device, and in some extreme cases even slow it down a bit.

  • Animations on Windows 10, Windows 8.1 basically make your operating system more colorful by adding a few extra features to the system.
  • Animations increase your operating system’s response time.
  • To disable certain animations individually, right-click on the Start menu and choose System (if you’re on Windows 7, open the Start menu, right-click on Computer, and choose Properties).
  • We will see exactly how to disable user interface animation on Windows 10, Windows 8.1 in a couple of steps below .
  • However, for a user that wants to keep the Windows 10, Windows 8.1 PC just for working purposes, it isn’t very useful.

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Deleting browsing history on Android devices is a lot like the process on PCs, meaning it changes depending on the browser you’re using. And since Search history is managed by Google, Firefox, and Microsoft, by clearing it on your browser, you’re effectively clearing it on your mobile devices too. Unless you’re using a third-party search engine, it’s impossible to clear your iPhone or iPad’s browsing and search history separately. You can’t actually delete your search history from here; you’ll have to click View and delete search history and go to a new site.

In the settings bar, under Clear browsing data, click on ‘choose what to clear. Lastly, you can easily block any inappropriate site on your Chrome browser, especially with the use of OpenDNS .

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